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D'sol Music Productions Services

D'sol Music Productions provides:

Audio Recording Engineering - Post Mixing and Mastering

Live Pro Audio Sound Engineering - Small Band / Small Venue

Music Video Productions - Small Scale Filming Production

Audio Record​ing 

STUDIO SESSIONS: For musician/band recording, we go to your space and set up recording. We go through a layering process; record drums first, guitars second, utility instruments third, and lastly vocals. Turn-around time for final track is 2-3 weeks.


D'Sol Music Productions provide mixing and mastering of your pre-recorded music project.  We take your .WAV files of your project, edit and clean up tracks, add proper effects, mix audio, and apply mastering software.  We currently use Cakewalk Sonar Producer Software. Perfect for Artists and Musicians using BandLab, GarageBand, and other basic recording apps and software.

See Service Prices & Contacting Info Below

Live Sound

LIVE SOUND Engineering: 

D'sol Music Productions provide Live Audio and Sound Engineering. We have the basic back line for small to medium size bands. We use Electronic Voice Loudspeakers and Monitors, JBL/EV Sub Woofers, all cables provide, using Behringer 16-Channel board with 2 monitor mix outputs, and basic Stage Lights. The venue needs to have adequate electric wattage. The client is responsible for planning electrical services with venue. We do not provide instruments or microphones. 



DMP can also be your soundman for your performance, using your equipment and soundboard. Contact Daniel for more information by email link below.

See Service Prices & Contacting Info Below

Music Video Production


D'sol Music Productions provide music video recording and editing services for musicians and bands. Production set is the responsibility of the client; including filming space, actors, props, etc. DMP will provide video directing, video recording, stage lighting, some sound equipment if needed, and video editing only. If client needs assistance in production set, actors, props, etc, extra fee will be determined when we meet for planning. Final video cut provided to client in mp4 format. 

See Service Prices & Contacting Info Below

Service Prices

Compare our service packages and find the best fit for you.

*All Monetary transactions done through SoundBetter for Mixing and Mastering Projects. 

**Studio Recording, Live Audio Engineering, and Music Video Production Monetary transactions handled in person.

Track Mixing & Engineering (Solo Artist/Band)*

$200 - $300


2 - 10 Tracks Maximum

DMP will provide Track Mixing and Engineering for pre-recorded tracks for Singer-Songwriters to Full Band. (2-10 Tracks).

2-3 week turn-around for final mix. Price is determined on amount of tracks to be mixed and engineered. 

Call 615-969-0892 for more information. 

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Live Audio Sound Engineering**



Albuquerque Area Only

We proved all Live Sound  for small/medium band or venue (16 Channel Mixer).  We use JBLs, Electronic Voice and Behringer Equipment. We provide all cables and stage lights.  Artist/venue is required to provide own microphones, stands, amps, instruments, and drums.

Please email below to discuss more about your event.

Music Video Production Services**



Albuquerque Area Only

DMP will meet with ​you to discuss music video ideas/plans. Video shoots are limited to 3 locations max. Filming should only last no more than 10 hours. Editing will take 2-3 weeks.

Please email below to discuss more about your video project.

Sample of Audio Recording and Engineering

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Sample of Music Video Production​

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